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Twitter Apps

A vast number of applications have been developed for Twitter. Here are some popular Twitter apps:

  • Twittai -- It allows users to send and receive tweets from their mobile phones. 
  • Twirl -- Twirl allows you to keep up with people you're following in real time without visiting the Twitter Web page.
  • GroupTweet -- Set up a private Twitter group with GroupTweet. Great for families, companies or others who want a protected medium to communicate.
  • Twitxr -- Twitxr is a photo sharing application. You can use photos taken from your phone, or photo sharing sites such as Flickr.

According to a recent Neilsen poll, Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site. With so many users joining in on the conversation, the competition for followers is becoming intense in this rapidly expanding medium. To attract and maintain followers, users need to share content that others find interesting, to put it simply.

Are you convinced that 140 characters isn't enough text to communicate anything relevant? You're wrong. People who have success with Twitter share info in a variety of ways. They post a link to an interesting news story or new research. They ask questions to learn what their followers are interested in. They follow other Twitter feeds and engage in conversations with people they're trailing. They also use Twitter frequently. Practice makes perfect, right? The only way to get comfortable using this new technology is to dive in and use it.