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How CarDomain Works

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Want your friends to view photos of your car? CarDomain lets you post pictures and share with an online community.
Want your friends to view photos of your car? CarDomain lets you post pictures and share with an online community.
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Auto enthusiasts are extremely proud of their automobiles. Once they've acquired their dream car, drivers pour time, effort and money into maintaining it. The wheels, windshields and body panels are usually shiny and sleek, and weekends are mostly reserved for cleaning the car inside and out.

But auto enthusiasts don't just maintain their cars -- they improve on them. Customization is a big part of the auto fan's interest. Upgrades to engine performance and efficiency can make an already powerful car even more impressive, and changes to both the interior and exterior can provide personality. The point is to show off character, and the more unique a car becomes, the better it is in the eyes of the owner.

Sure, drivers can pester neighbors, calling them over in the middle of some difficult yard work to boast and brag about the new paint job, or they can discuss the finer points of horsepower and sound systems with friends. But after everyone within a five-mile radius has memorized your car's top speed or learned how your new suspension system works, who else can you show it off to?

Fortunately, the Internet is the perfect place for a car enthusiast, and with social networking Web sites and online communities growing more and more popular by the day it's becoming easier for people to share their common interests amongst each other. Web sites like Flickr, for instance, let people show off their best photography work and organize albums dedicated to vacations or just everyday snapshots.

There's also a bevy of sites dedicated to the automobile, with writers blogging about the latest concept car or new hybrid technology; however, one site,, is meant strictly for showing off. Anyone with an interest in cars and a lot of pride in his or her own vehicle can join the site to share photos and tell stories with other auto enthusiasts -- and like Flickr, it's mostly based on uploading photos.

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