Upgrade to an LCD Monitor


If you're in the market for a shiny, new monitor for your desktop, chances are you'll wind up with a sleek flat-panel display, because most vendors have stopped selling space-hogging cathode-ray-tube (CRT) models.

If you are tempted to pick up a dirt-cheap CRT clunker, however, remember that a flat screen uses about one-third the power required to run a CRT. A 19-inch liquid crystal display (LCD), for instance, consumes an average of 45 watts, compared with 100 watts for a 19-inch CRT, yielding considerable energy savings in the long run.

Pick an Energy Star-rated LCD to ensure that it draws virtually no power (or 1 to 2 watts at the most) in standby mode. A noncompliant CRT could still silently guzzle up to 80 watts while standing by.

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Difficulty level: Easy