10 Pinterest Tips for Newbies


What is Pinterest?

The Internet is full of great stuff. Never before have so many of us had unfiltered access to so much information. Yet so much of what we love and need gets lost. We print recipes out, shove coupons into a drawer, bookmark directions on how to program the DVR and then totally forget where we've put these things. Pinterest is an online scrapbook and junk drawer rolled into one. It gives us an easy way to "pin" stuff we like to virtual bulletin boards so that we can access it later.

Unlike a junk drawer, however, Pinterest is beautiful and beautifully organized. Have you ever seen a really top-notch scrapbook? Maybe your Aunt Mindy made one documenting the family road trip across the U.S in the summer of 1992. She pasted in photos of the family waving from the windows as the station wagon pulled out of town, photos of prissy cousin Sue in sunburnt misery at a campground in Tennessee, pictures of little Janie's screaming encounter with a copperhead at a river in Utah and finally, snapshots of Uncle James biking across the golden gate bridge in San Francisco.

Pinterest is like that scrapbook, except it takes no time at all to compile virtual bulletin boards full of the stuff you love. What's more, it's completely free. So how do you pin stuff to your Pinterest boards? Find out next!