10 Pinterest Tips for Newbies


Managing Pinterest Privacy and Notification Settings

In Pinterest's etiquette tab, one of its guidelines invites users to notify Pinterest of any desired changes, missing features or problems with the site. Many users are calling for Pinterest to add privacy settings. For now, however, all pinboards are public. That means expecting mothers might want to announce the pregnancy before they create baby boards, for instance.

You'll also want to take a look at your notification settings. Within minutes of creating my account and following 42 of my Facebook friends, I received 42 e-mails notifying me that my 42 friends had followed me back. Almost all notifications default to the "on" position. Click "settings" under your name in the top navigation and then click "e-mail settings" to view and change your notification settings.

Pinterest is a really novel, beautiful way to keep track of things you like. It's also a great way to find new things to like. We've only skimmed the surface in this top 10 list. Be sure to explore how to categorize your pinboards and how to create collaborative boards by inviting other pinners to pin to your boards. Most of all, be sure to pin this board!

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