10 Pinterest Tips for Newbies


Installing the "Pin It" Button

The "Pin It" button comes in several forms.
The "Pin It" button comes in several forms.
Courtesy Pinterest

The easiest way to pin to Pinterest is to install what Pinterest describes in its welcome e-mail as a "bookmarklet" (i.e. the "Pin It" button). You can also pin by clicking the "add" button in the top navigation and pasting in a URL. However, it's much easier to install the "Pin It" bookmarklet and then click it whenever you surf past something you'd like to pin.

There is no "Download the Pin It Button" call-out on the main page, so I had to hunt around for a few seconds before I found the bookmarklet they were talking about. It's located in the drop-down menu under "about." You'll also find it in the "goodies" section on the left sidebar navigation.

Cleverly, Pinterest recognizes the browser you're using and customizes its installation instructions accordingly. I was using Chrome, so Pinterest instructed me to show my bookmarks bar. I suffered a few seconds of confusion since I already had my bookmarks bar displayed. However, by comparing the image in the convenient instructional video with my on-screen browser, it quickly became apparent that all I had to do was drag the "Pin It" button into my bookmarks bar to get started.

Once I had the Pin It button installed, I was ready to start pinning my favorite sites to Pinterest. Was it as easy as clicking the Pin It button? Find out next.