10 Pinterest Tips for Newbies


Pinning Stuff From the Internet

I'm one of those frustrating people who never read an instruction manual. So, once I had my "Pin It" button installed, I skipped the "getting started" section and immediately began surfing the Web looking for something to pin.

And speaking of "pin," one of my favorite bands, Pinback, has a new record coming out on Oct. 16, 2012. Pinback: What a perfect first thing to pin! I surfed over to their Web site, clicked the "Pin It" button and was greeted with the following disheartening message: "Sorry, couldn't find any pinnable images or video on this page."

Leave it to me to find one of Pinterest's few limitations on my first attempt. Pinterest's support page offers this helpful tidbit: "Currently you can't use the Pin It bookmarklet when viewing Flash sites or Facebook." Pinback's Web site relies heavily on Flash, so that explained that.

I went to another of my favorite artist's sites and was able to add Arooj Aftab to my very first-ever board ("the best music ever") with a single click. Would it be just as easy, I wondered, to upload my own original content to Pinterest? You're about to find out.