10 Pinterest Tips for Newbies


Pinning Original Stuff

It's really easy to pin things you find on the Internet to Pinterest. But can you also upload your own original content to the site? I decided to find out.

First, I created a new board to share some of my original writing. Then, I hunted around that board looking for an upload button. I found the "add" button on the top navigation. Clicking "add" gave me the option to upload a pin from a file on my computer. I selected a PDF of a newsletter I'd written for one of my corporate clients and clicked "upload". I was rewarded with an error message telling me "That is not a valid image." After another trip to Pinterest's support page, I learned that the only file types you can pin to Pinterest are JPG, PNG and GIF image files.

This doesn't mean that original content is out of place on Pinterest, however. Recently, Pottstown, Pa., saw an increase in arrests after the local paper began posting mug shots of wanted criminals on Pinterest [source: Sonderman]. Still, if Pinterest will only allow you to pin photos, what makes it any different from other photo-sharing sites like Flickr or Instagram? The secret is in the sourcing. Find out what I mean next.