10 Places to Find WiFi (So You Don't Eat up Your Data Plan)

Ads for a free WiFi internet service hang in Mumbai's central railway station. PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images

Sticking with the transit theme, let's take a look at trains. If buses can do it, surely rail can, too. After all, when it comes to connectivity, train tracks were the internet of the 19th century. And yes! Across Europe and North America, train systems do offer free WiFi. In January 2016, in India, Google began implementing one of the world's largest public WiFi projects. The plan is to provide free WiFi in more than 400 railway stations across the country [source: Balachandran].

Trains cross the countryside, but they also go underground. Back to The Big Apple where, in addition to its buses, the MTA is set to increase the number of underground stations that have WiFi from 140 to 277 by the end of 2016 [source: Smith].

Meanwhile, the oldest subway system in the world, the London Underground, aka The Tube, has WiFi everywhere. Paris, too. Toronto's got it at some stations. Same with Montreal. But if you're looking for a truly high-tech connected subway system, head for Seoul where they've got it nailed with WiFi being the least of their innovations for improved transit [source: Kim].

And what effect would all this have on the plot of "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three"? Remember Walter Matthau? Remember? Long before his "Grumpy Old Men" phase, he was a grumpy, middle-aged, New York City transit cop forced to handle a pack of evil subway high-jackers.