10 Tumblr Tips for Newbies


Queue Future Posts

Sometimes, you may want to do a lot of posting at once. Maybe you have a lot to say, or maybe you went through the news and found a half-dozen interesting things you'd like to share with others. But if you do post a lot of things at once, it can overwhelm (and annoy) other readers. Better to use Tumblr's Queue function, which lets you schedule future posts over the next several hours or days [source: Houston]. From your Dashboard, click on your blog name, then Queue in the right-hand column. When the page opens, you'll be able to create your posts, then select how many times a day, and between what hours, you'd like your queued posts to be published. So if you create 15 posts, you can tell Tumblr to publish three per day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., which means your 15 posts will be dispensed over a five-day period. This feature is also great to use if you'll be offline for a while (on vacation, for example), but want to keep your blog active so it has a more consistent online presence.