10 Ways 3-D Printing Could Change the World

Your Own Home
Two people visit a 3-D-printed house in Shanghai, China. The manufacturer says it can make 10 of these houses in a day. © Pei Xin/Xinhua Press/Corbis

It's not inconceivable that in the future, you'll be able to create or download a design for your dream home and then send it to a construction company who'll print it for you on your lot. A Chinese construction company reportedly is building houses by using a giant 3-D printer to spray layers of cement and recycled construction waste to form walls and the rest of the structure. The finished homes don't look that fancy, but they can be produced for less than $5,000, and the company claims that it can produce up to 10 homes in one day [source: Guardian].

Another company in Slovenia reportedly is planning to market three different types of 3-D house printers in 2014. The prices will start at 12,000 euros ($16,300) [source: Krassenstein].