10 Ways to Save Money on Printing

Drop Ink Use in Draft Mode
Obviously, draft mode won’t work for printing photos. But for plain text, it’s the way to go. © Sage78/iStockphoto

One of the easiest ways to reduce ink use is by pulling back on the throttle. In your printer's software settings, you'll typically find an option for print quality, such as an option for draft or eco-mode.

These modes actually spray less ink on each printed page. Depending on the printer, you might conserve 5 to 10 percent per page, and over the course of many printouts, this tactic could save you a bundle of dough.

Draft mode works in various ways. Frequently, the printer simply prints fewer of the tiny dots that make up each bit of text or image. The result is often grainier text and pixelated pictures, so for professional presentations, draft mode typically isn't appropriate.

But for basic printing jobs that don't require the best printing quality, draft mode is an efficient method to cut ink costs. As a side benefit, most inkjets print much faster in draft mode, too.