10 Ways to Save Money on Printing

Use Eco Fonts
As you can see, this eco font has gaps in the letters rather than being solid. ©HowStuffWorks

Traditional fonts are smooth and unbroken lines, a tribute to the artistry and care that went into their creation. These fonts look great on a printed page, but they also suck down entirely too much ink. You can slash ink usage by choosing eco fonts instead.

Eco fonts leave minute spaces (usually empty dots or lines) throughout your text, creating a sort of Swiss cheese approach to printing. The result is slightly faded-looking printouts. The upside is that you wind up saving a significant percentage of ink, by some estimates more than 25 percent per page.

To get started, you can search online for various eco fonts. There are numerous ones available on the web, but you may or may not like what you find. If you're willing to skip over the freebie options, you can buy Ecofont software from the company of the same name and use it to punch holes in every font that you use. Either way, these fonts will minimize your ink consumption and save you cash.