10 Ways to Save Money on Printing

Buy a Better Printer
If you purchase a high-quality printer, it could actually save you money on ink. ©dja65/iStockphoto

These days, many inkjet printers are ridiculously cheap, sometimes going for as little as $50. In these instances, manufacturers may actually be losing money on the printer with the anticipation that they'll make back that revenue on ink. So it's no surprise that cheaper printers have some of the highest ink consumption ratings.

Manufacturers make page-yield ratings (fairly) clear for each printer model, offering at least a ballpark figure for how many pages each cartridge will provide before running dry. Sometimes they provide that information in the printer specs, and other times you'll find it on the same webpage where you order ink.

Cheaper printers almost always have a lower page yield than models that cost $250 or $300. But your printing habits matter, too. If you rarely print, then you won't use much ink to begin with, meaning a budget printer is probably a suitable choice. If you print frequently, though, take the time to find printers with higher page yields; the cost savings will be higher, too.