How accessDTV Works

The excitement around digital television (DTV) has been growing steadily for several years. If you have been to any of the major electronics stores recently, you have probably noticed shelves filled with digital television sets.

At the same time, television stations have been quietly launching their digital transmitters. The stations and the networks have been outfitting their studios and trucks with the equipment they need to shoot, record and edit with purely digital signals. Almost all prime-time shows and sporting events are now digital.

In most major cities, you can receive digital broadcasts. For example, in San Jose, CA, you can receive about a dozen DTV broadcasts. Even in a relatively small city like Raleigh, NC, you can receive four stations. More than 100 million Americans are able to receive at least one digital broadcast, but far fewer than a million currently do. The main barrier has been the price and complexity of home DTV equipment.

In this article, we will talk about the inexpensive PCI card for your computer that allows you to instantly start experiencing everything that DTV has to offer on your computer monitor.