How accessDTV Works

AccessDTV Benefits: Streaming Data, HDTV, Customization

An additional benefit to viewing DTV on your computer is that some broadcasters are sending Web pages alongside shows. Some DTV stations broadcast Web content on a 1- or 2-Mbps sub-channel, and you can view it in a browser on your computer screen. This is a new idea that is waiting for clear standards and patterns, but some broadcasters are trying it now.

DTV Receiver

The accessDTV in your computer can turn your computer into a great DTV receiver. You can plug your HDTV display and home-theater sound system into the card, and the card will send out exactly the same signals that any other DTV receiver does. This can save you the cost of purchasing a separate DTV receiver. This receiver will also be more versatile than other receivers on the market today because...

Video Recorder

One of the most interesting parts of the accessDTV software is the Personal Video Recording, or digital video recorder, that comes with it. You can program the recorder to record any channel, and the card will stream an entire 19.39-Mbps channel to your hard disk. Because it is the entire channel, this means that all sub-channels and any data streams within the channel are all recorded, and the card can later play them back as though it were receiving the broadcast signal. The video recorder consumes about 9 gigabytes (GB) of disk space every hour, so an inexpensive 60-GB hard disk holds about seven hours of video.

Personal Program Guide

The accessDTV card comes with a program guide service that lets you see all of the programs in your area and tune them in. The service lets you:

  • Change channels
  • Sort program listings
  • Search the listings
  • Save searches
  • Schedule recordings
  • Link to content-related sites

Other Features

The software also makes it easy to communicate with other viewers over the Web. You can:

  • Select a default chat location
  • Select default instant messaging services
  • Easily access chat and instant messaging