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Customizing Alltop

What if you have an interest in several topics but don't want to surf back and forth between them or create numerous tabs for each one? Alltop has instituted a customizable system to address those needs.

To get started, every user must create an Alltop member account. It's a simple process that includes creating a user name, password and providing a valid e-mail address. After you respond to a confirmation e-mail, Alltop establishes your member account.

Members can then list the topics they're interested in to build their customized page. This means that people with diverse interests can view the latest news for several topics all on the same page.

Members can choose which news sources they want on their pages. They can also reorganize the feeds in whichever order they prefer. Members can edit their page at any time, adding, removing and reorganizing feeds as often as they like.

Alltop also supports widgets. Think of a widget as a chunk of code that gives you access to a small application. With Alltop, that application is a customized news feed. If you blog about a particular subject and want to incorporate a relevant news feed as part of your site's structure, you can include an Alltop widget on your site. When users click on a story in the widget, they go to the news source.

And if your blog site appears on Alltop, you might want to grab one of the badges the site offers. Displaying the badge on your site shows your visitors that Alltop considers your work to be relevant and interesting. If you create your own Alltop page, you can grab a badge and display it on other sites. The badge acts as a link to your personal Alltop page.

As the Web becomes more complex, sites like Alltop make it easier for users to filter out all the noise and concentrate on the topics they're most interested in. According to Kawasaki, the site doubled in user visits from August 2008 to August 2009. It's possible that the future of the Web will rely heavily on the sites and services that can simplify the user experience.

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