How Google Maps for BlackBerry Devices Works

By: Diane Dannenfeldt

Download Google Maps on a BlackBerry

On your BlackBerry, you can get directions, check traffic and send e-mails.
On your BlackBerry, you can get directions, check traffic and send e-mails.
© Eric Van Den Brulle/Getty Images

Google Maps for BlackBerry is free, available in more than 20 countries and really easy to install. It's compatible with any BlackBerry model with a color display, starting with model 7120 and including the current BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and 8800 models. You'll also need Internet data service from your mobile provider to be able to access a Google Map and location information.

You can download Google Maps in either of two ways:


1. Go to Google Maps and enter your mobile phone number. Google will send a link to use for downloading.

2. You can also enter on your BlackBerry browser and follow the installation instructions, which will be specific for your type of phone. In fact, Google will do a test first to make sure your BlackBerry model is compatible with Google Maps before trying to go forward with the installation.

Note that while Google Maps software is free, you may incur data charges in using it to access maps. Your mobile service provider can provide more information about specific charges. Many companies offer an unlimited monthly data plan, and that may be the cheapest way to go if you access the Internet frequently from your BlackBerry.

Maybe you'd like to try an interactive demo before you download Google Maps. You can try it out your PC by visiting the Google Maps Web site. You'll be able to search for locations or directions and see search results, maps and satellite images as they would appear on your BlackBerry's screen.

If your company offers the BlackBerry Enterprise edition of Google Maps, you'll be able to use all of its features without downloading directly to your corporate BlackBerry device. Instead, your company's information technology administrator will install the application remotely to your BlackBerry. When the Enterprise edition is updated several times a year, the administrator will send these upgrades directly to your BlackBerry. If you want to know more about installing the Enterprise edition for your company as a whole, visit the Google Maps Web site.

Once you have Google Maps downloaded onto your BlackBerry, you'll want to start using it. Keep reading to find out more about its features.