How to Install Inkjet Tanks

Inkjet printers are capable of creating high-quality prints in your own home or office at a low cost. Eventually, inkjet printers run out of ink and you need to replace the cartridges. Here's how to install inkjet tanks and keep on printing.

  1. Replace your printer's ink cartridges only when you really need to. If your prints are faded, the wrong colors or missing colors altogether, it's time to replace your ink cartridges. Your printer's software will probably tell you to replace the cartridges long before they are actually empty [source: Karp].
  2. Check for cartridge maintenance instructions on the underside of the printer lid. If there aren't any there, consult your printer's manual or the manufacturer's website for specific instructions related to your particular make and model. It's always best to follow all recommended procedures before tinkering with your printer [source: Pace].
  3. Undo the latch that holds the cartridge or cartridges in place [source: inkShop].
  4. Remove the old cartridge and consider recycling or refilling it [source: inkShop]. Refilling cartridges can save you a bunch of money yearly on printing [source: Karp].
  5. Remove any protective coverings from the new cartridges, including stickers and tape [source: inkShop].
  6. Close the printer lid and print a test page to check that the cartridge has been installed correctly [source: Pace].