How to Make a Timeline in Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool for making presentations and art. When you need to make a timeline, Microsoft Word 2007 has options for making the perfect design. You can make a timeline in Microsoft Word 2007 using SmartArt or your own drawing.

Make a timeline using SmartArt, as follows:


  1. Select Insert from the top menu. Choose SmartArt from inside the Illustrations box.
  2. Click Process in the SmartArt Graphics Gallery.
  3. Double-click the type of illustration you want for your timeline.
  4. Select Text and enter your first event.
  5. Click the SmartArt graphic you just made and choose Add Shape from the Create Graphic Group in the Design section of the SmartArt toolbar, to add another event. You can move an event by selecting it and dragging it to its new position. You can delete an event by selecting it and pressing the delete key. [Microsoft]
  6. Click Change Layout, to switch your timeline's style without starting over.
  7. Click on WordArt to create a header for your timeline. You can change your header by right clicking on it and selecting Format WordArt. [Microsoft]
  8. Save your timeline when you're happy with the way it looks.

Make a timeline with your own drawing, as follows:

  1. Select Insert from the top menu.
  2. Choose Shapes from inside the Illustrations box and click the rectangle.
  3. Draw a rectangle across the page by clicking and dragging your mouse.
  4. Right click on the rectangle and choose Format AutoShape from the popup menu.
  5. Add color and effect to your timeline, and change the color and style of the outline by clicking the Colors and Lines tab.
  6. Select Insert. Select Shapes and choose a straight line.
  7. Draw a line going up or down from your rectangle for each event on your timeline.
  8. Select Insert. Select Text Box from the Text group and choose a text box. [Computer tips]
  9. Create a text box for each event you've marked off. You can adjust the way the text boxes look by right clicking on the boxes and selecting Format Text Box.
  10. Select Insert. Select WordArt from the text group.
  11. Create a header for your timeline using WordArt. You can change your header by right clicking on it and selecting Format WordArt. [Microsoft]