How to Print a CD/DVD Label

A DVD/CD against a white background.
Adding a printed label you designed makes it look like an expert job. deepblue4you / Getty Images

Whether you're handing over professional data, recorded music, downloaded movies or pictures of your most recent trip, make it look like an expert job by adding a printed label that you design yourself. There are a number of disc-labeling software packages on the market that produce high quality labels, including Photoshop [source: Burke], Disketch [source: NCH] and SureThing [source:Joseph]. Some of these programs require printing up labels, which you stick onto your CD/DVD, while others have the capability to print directly on the CD/DVD. Although we discuss using SureThing, the general method for preparing and printing CD/DVD labels is the same for most software packages. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to print a CD/DVD label.

Here's what you need:


  • SureThing disc label software
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Blank disc labels

Here's what you do:

  1. Click on the SureThing icon located on your computer desktop.
  2. Follow the software instructions to choose the appropriate printer label templates. You're now ready to start designing your label. SureThing will allow you to customize the background, text and images that appear on your disc label.
  3. Print your label on plain paper when you think your label is perfect [source:Joseph].
  4. Make any necessary adjustments. Once you're happy with the way the label looks, feed the label templates into your printer. Make sure that the most recent driver has been downloaded to your printer to avoid printing problems and wasting label templates [source: Xerox].
  5. Click on File in the SureThing software and select Print. Click on OK to start printing your label [source:Joseph].

When attaching the label to the disc, make sure to work carefully [source: SureThing].