How to Recycle Computers

The use of electronic products has greatly increased in the past two decades affecting the way we communicate and get information. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working very hard to educate the public about how to reuse and recycle electronic equipment. Many electronics manufacturers and retailers have set up buy-back programs as well as recycling centers. There are many licensed electronics recyclers that safely recycle and dispose of these electronics [source: EPA].

Any unwanted electronics are termed e-waste. These products can't be disposed of as simple trash, because they contain materials that are hazardous. Should they be put in landfills, the potentially toxic components they contain may contaminate the water and pollute the environment [source: DPW]. Laws have been enacted in many states making it illegal to dump unwanted electronic items in local landfills. Rather, these items must be properly recycled. Here is list of Web sites where you can find out how and where to recycle your electronics.


  • EcoSquid This is a Web site that helps you find out all your options regarding re-selling, recycling or donating your used electronic products. It also lists whether or not there is a possibility of getting cash for your old electronics.
  • Earth 911 This is a comprehensive site that lists all environmental hotlines nationwide, as well as Web sites and other information.
  • My Green Electronics This site, which is provided by the Consumer Electronics Association, provides you with the necessary information regarding places to recycle or donate your electronics. The site also offers advice about where to buy green products.
  • Electronic Industries Alliance's Consumer Education Initiative This Web site provides information regarding reusing, recycling, and donating your old electronics. This site has information for all 50 states.
  • TechSoup This Web site provides information for those trying to dispose of their old electronics, as well as for those who would like to buy old electronics or parts for rebuilt electronics.
  • Rechargeable Battery Corporation (RBRC) This site provides information about disposing of rechargeable batteries [source: EPA].