Top 10 Twitter Feeds to Follow

Twitter co-founder and CEO Evan Williams (L) and co-founder Biz Stone at Twitter headquarters. See more pictures of popular web sites.
David Paul Morris/Stringer/Getty Images

In 2009, Twitter has officially taken the world by storm. The social networking service provider was born in 2006, but it took a couple of years to truly take off. The basic concept of sending cell phone text messages, or tweets, to as many people as you want at one time has proved popular with famous people and ordinary folks alike. Celebs certainly have the ability to draw a large Twitter audience, but you don't have to be a movie star to draw attention. Respected news media outlets and even some areas of the United States federal government use Twitter to instantly release useful information to anyone who chooses to follow. You can follow what Britney Spears ate for breakfast if you want to, but the following 10 Twitter feeds may actually give you some useful information.