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Adam Savage
Adam Savage is but one half of the popular "Mythbusters" team.
Adam Savage is but one half of the popular "Mythbusters" team.
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

You know him as one half of the "Mythbusters" -- Discovery Channel's wildly successful show that's part science, part fun. Aside from being a pretty smart person, Savage (@donttrythis) also has a pretty interesting life, one actually worth following on Twitter. Fans can get an inside peek into the world of a real mythbuster -- "Just finished watching "Stand By Me" with my boys. They LOVED it (of course). AND I finished all my homework for our RSA appearance soon." Part of the appeal of Savage is that he doesn't seem to have bought into his own celebrity and he's extremely fan friendly. His tweet regarding a recent walk down the red carpet -- "This is far out. There are tons of ACTUAL famous people here" -- is the kind of humble self deprecation that has earned Savage nearly 30,000 followers as of April 2009 [source: Twitter].


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