Top 10 Twitter Feeds to Follow


New York Times

The New York Times building in New York City
The New York Times building in New York City
Mario Tama/Getty Images

The New York Times (@nytimes) was founded in 1851 and quickly became the most successful newspaper in the United States. To this day it's the go-to news publication in the United States, where you always get "All the News That's Fit to Print." With print media outlets falling on hard times during the economic hardships of 2008 and 2009, "The Times" has embraced Twitter as a way to stay relevant and connected in an increasingly paperless world. The Times has no less than 50 different Twitter feeds for newshounds to follow. You can keep up with personal tweets from editors, writers and reporters as well as a host of news feeds. Each section of the paper has its own Twitter account as well, so if you love The Times sports coverage, but don't enjoy the style section so much, you can choose only to follow what you're interested in. Most of The Times' section tweets are blurbs with links to further coverage on its Web site, while the reporter and writer tweets include personal points of view on the news they cover.