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Barack Obama

Yes we can Ttwitter!
Yes we can Ttwitter!
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Yes, the President of the United States (@BarackObama) is on Twitter. President Obama twittered himself in the weeks leading up to the election, giving updates on appearances he'd be making and covering talking points of his political rallies. Since he's taken office, he's been a little busier trying to help correct an ailing U.S. economy, but the tweets live on through his staff. But he did make history on March 26, 2009, when he became the first acting American President to send a tweet. He sent a message about the struggling economy and included a video link to the White House Web site. The video was of the President himself, urging Americans to send their questions about the economic struggles for a press conference he held the following day. His staff now sends out tweets updating his million-plus followers about his upcoming speeches as well as calls for Americans to volunteer with various organizations.