Top 5 Celebrities on Twitter


Britney Spears

A young fan is startled to find that wax Britney is not breathing - LOL!
A young fan is startled to find that wax Britney is not breathing - LOL!
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Not many celebrities have captured the public eye quite like Britney Spears, the young American singer from Louisiana. From her highs as an award-winning singer playing sold-out shows to her lows as a suspect mother going through a very messy public divorce and breakdown, Spears knows how to get attention. Britney is a bit of an anomaly in the world of Twitter. She joined in October 2008 and only posted about 120 messages over the next seven months [source: twitterholic]. That aside, she has more than one million and rapidly counting followers as of April 2009 [source: Twitter].

Like most other celebrity users, Britney uses the service to send information and messages of thanks to her fans, as well as using it to give away concert tickets. And like most other users, it's a quick and welcome way to instantly clear up any rumors flying around cyberspace. Britney's manager handles some of the business tweets with links to concert photos and updates on which celebrities attended her show that night. But it's clear when Spears is the one behind the wheel -- "Playing Slip N' Slide with the boys. SOOO CUTE!!!!" and "Went to the movies with the dancers tonight. We saw I Love You, Man. S0000 funny!" The zeroes in the second example are all Brit. No word on whether Spears' cell phone keyboard is covered in Cheetos dust.