Top 5 MySpace Applications

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Gareth Davies/Getty Images

Marketed as "a place for friends," the social networking site MySpace not only allows you to keep in touch with your buddies but explore new musicians, learn about new products and track the latest social trends.

Across the globe, 130 million users use MySpace each month [source: NY Times]. Since Rupert Murdoch purchased the site for $580 million in 2005, it has brought in $1.6 billion in revenue [source: NY Times].

In 2008, MySpace began to allow all users to create applications for the site. As of October 2008, there were 35 million unique MySpace application users, and 211 million application installations [source: Widget Summit]. MySpace applications give users new ways to interact with their existing social network and to make new friends. Through a vast array of applications, users can do anything from participate in multiplayer games, organize around a favorite politician or cause, or launch a virtual pirate attack. But out of all of these applications, which are the best?