Top 5 MySpace Applications


The Mobsters application is the most popular MySpace application, with more than 13 million users [source: MySpace]. Through the Mobster application, you can start out as a petty thief and rise to be the Mafia Don. In order to do so, you work your way up the ranks through completing missions and participating in virtual fights with rival mobs.

First, you create a name for your mob and choose your type of mobster. For example, "bulletproofs" heal faster and fight more frequently, while "tycoons" acquire money more quickly. As you play, you gather equipment and property, and commit crimes ranging from petty theft to smuggling. The more people who are in your mob network, the more likely you'll be successful. You can recruit people who are already your friends to join your mob or you can send invitations to other MySpace users to join your empire. When you're ready to put a hit on an enemy, you send a notification to your gang to whack 'em.

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