Top 5 Tips for Using Twitter


Know Why You're Twittering

There are several reasons people join Twitter. Some people treat Twitter as a micro-blog. They write short posts multiple times a day about anything that pops into their heads. This stream of consciousness style of writing can be appealing (as long as it's not so introspective that only the user perceives its value).

Other users use Twitter for social updates. A social update is similar to a status update on Facebook or an away message on instant messaging. The sender makes a short post, such as "Headed to the movies," and friends and family followers know where he or she is.

For businesses, Twitter has become one of the many ways to announce a new product, a special promotion or link to a press release. To hang on to their followers, business's tweets need to be more than shameless self promotion. And that brings us to our next Twitter tip, which you'll find on the next page.