Top 5 Twitter Add-Ons



Is Ashton Kutcher sending a tweet from the red carpet?
Is Ashton Kutcher sending a tweet from the red carpet?
Anita Bugge/Getty Images

WeFollow is a Twitter utility that allows users to submit themselves to a directory. The process for submission is easy. You simply send a tweet to WeFollow, including up to three hashtags describing yourself. Think of Twitter hashtags as keywords. For example, if you're a food blogger, you might submit a tweet like @wefollow #food #blogger #gourmet.

Sending that particular tweet enters you in the WeFollow directory according to the hashtags you provided. Your Twitter account is now searchable and categorized on WeFollow. The site is a good way to find new users to follow, by searching for people with similar interests to your own.

The front page of the WeFollow Web site lists the most popular tags (celebrity, TV, music, news, politics). Under each tag, you'll see users listed by popularity, i.e. number of followers. You can browse through all the listings to find new people to follow. And maybe you'll pick up a few new followers of your own.

Why is WeFollow different from the other Twitter directories out there? Because users must publicly tweet to @wefollow, the site gets free and instant publicity across the Twitterverse. WeFollow also benefits from the name recognition of its creator, Kevin Rose, who started up the popular social news Web site Digg.