How Klout Works

Klout and Business

Klout Perks appeal to marketers and to folks who like freebies.
Klout Perks appeal to marketers and to folks who like freebies.
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We've already discussed the idea that some employers see a boon to having employees with a high Klout score. (On a related note, I do believe I have some magic beans to sell those employers as well.) But Klout is also used by businesses to add a sheen of "importance" to their product.

The program is called Klout Perks, and it's pretty impressive. Consider the following: Chevy Volt gave a few highly ranked Klouters a car to borrow, Windows let some lucky influencers snag a Windows phone, and the Seattle Convention and Visitors' Bureau gave away trips to the city. All so these tastemakers would tweet, post and otherwise spread the word of how fantastic the product or experience was.

By using Klout as a marketing tool, companies basically team with Klout to get their product to the "right" people. When you think about it, it's a boon to the companies. They get a lot of bang for their buck, naturally, when they can get their product to one group of people, who can then advertise for them on multiple different social networking platforms. And remember that the more active the Klout users are, the higher their numbers go. Win-win.

Bing is also getting on the Klout bandwagon. Now Klout scores are being influenced by Bing searches, and when Bing provides links to people who could be experts in your search, their Klout score will be shown.

So while Klout certainly does employ a wide variety of metrics to measure your impact -- including "real world influence," which it measures from Wikipedia activity -- be aware that those measurements are being watched carefully. Not just by Klout but also by companies that want to seduce those special influencers with a high number.

But here's something Klout didn't expect: Some clever Klouters are finding ways to make their Klout scores shoot up so they can grab Klout Perks without having to obsess over their social media presence.