Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Parents


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This social networking site for parents is aimed toward connecting mothers online. What makes MomsLikeMe unique is the network offers both a local and nationwide site. For instance, users in Atlanta, Ga., have their very own MomsLikeMe site that has unique content compared to the one in say, Burlington, Vt. The great thing about the individual sites, however, is the uniformity. The sites look and feel similar, yet each is run by a local site manager.

At the top of each unique site are links to local news and entertainment Web sites. Users on each site can choose to navigate one of eight areas including Discussions, Groups, Things to Do, Photo, Video, Coupons, Marketplace and My Stuff. Each of these areas is easy to use. For instance, the Discussions area has several categories for mothers to start and join in conversation about various topics related to parenting. And the Marketplace is an online classified section where users can share items they want to sell.

Perhaps the coolest feature on MomsLikeMe is the Coupons area. Similar to a shopping cart on e-commerce sites, users can choose one of several online coupons and the cart will display a running total of how much money you've saved. You can add or subtract coupons at will and once you're ready, you can print your coupons and take them to your local store.