How Tweetups Work

Why Host a Tweetup?

So what's the benefit of connecting a username with a face? Is meeting the people behind all those witty tweets and tinyurls really beneficial? Actually, tweetups can be a great way to get to know people in your area who share similar interests. You probably amassed your group of followers based on common hobbies or even professional pursuits, so you might enjoy a small gathering with your online community for breakfast or drinks.

Small informal gatherings aren't the only tweetups out there, though. Sometimes large organizations get behind them. For example, in 2009, the National Hockey League became the focal point of tweetups across North America. During the Stanley Cup playoffs, 24 different cities hosted tweetups, with each city organizing its own gathering. While some of the tweetups had official backing by the NHL or participating teams, with representatives expected to visit and bring swag, others were informal gatherings in bars or restaurants.

Organizations looking to raise money for a good cause have also found that tweetups are a good way to rally support. These tweetups may raise money in a variety of ways -- selling tickets for admittance, hosting an auction or raffling off items that have been donated. People who aren't able to attend the event but hear about it through Twitter may even donate to the cause. The many marketing professionals who frequent Twitter often are willing to donate time and talent to organizing tweetups that benefit charities.

Professionals also use tweetups to network with people in their fields. Some networking tweetups are aimed at professionals working a particular field, others at employees in various fields who have similar roles, and still others are staged by companies.

Politicians like tweetups also, and if there's a local election coming up, you may receive an invitation. These gatherings typically combine fundraising with lots of information on the candidate or the cause. The candidate may or may not be there, but you can bet that a representative will be.

While attending a tweetup can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people or raise money, organizing a tweetup can also be a rewarding experience. How would you go about coordinating this type of event?