5 Signs Your Facebook Post Will Land You on Failbook


It's Full of Fail

Sometimes when people post to Facebook, they post carefully considered comments or valid inquiries, of which they're truly seeking constructive responses or helpful answers from their social network. Other times when they post, they sound like psychos or bobbleheads. Think blatantly incorrect gibberish or questions that make others wonder if the poster has little but cheese between his or her ears. (For the record, New York City is not the capital of the United States and Spanish is both a nationality and a language spoken in many nations, not just Spain.)

Other big offenders besides being outright wrong? Hypocrisy (think texting while driving to complain about other people driving poorly while on the phone), inappropriateness (perhaps addressing an elderly relative in inappropriate ways) or just plain old over-sharing (a relationship status that boomerangs on a regular basis). A takeaway from these types of fails: Think before you post.

But there are lots of other ways to fail, too. We'll get into some of those on the next page.