5 Signs Your Facebook Post Will Land You on Failbook


It's Busted or Pwned

Above and beyond just sounding idiotic or spouting ridiculous falsities, some posts that wind up on Failbook feature someone -- whether the original poster or one of his or her commenters -- getting busted or pwned. These include gems like:

  • The employees who badmouth their bosses, only to wind up getting fired on Facebook when said bosses see their comments. And do not react kindly.
  • The kids who brag about getting away with things in school, only to have their teachers turn around and reprimand them. In real time. Through Facebook.
  • The moms who get a little too "loud" when their new boyfriends come over, only to have their kids call them on it. For all their friends, and their recently made ex-husbands, to see.
  • Those same ex-husbands, who post lewd photos from their weekends in Vegas, while busy forgetting said ex-wives (and friends and bosses).
  • The teens who leave their Facebook profiles logged in and are hacked by siblings, or, even better, by parents.

There are lots of forms this can take, and all of them are bound to leave Failbook fans chuckling, gasping or shaking their heads in astonishment. On the next page, we'll cover an entirely different category of Facebook posts that often find their way to Failbook.