How BabyCenter Works reaches out to both moms and dads. See more pictures of popular web sites.
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Women all over the world, regardless of race, religious beliefs and regional customs share one thing in common: the ability to bear and nurture children. For some women, it's the most important thing in their lives. And while women have maternal instincts, who's to say each one has everything figured out as soon as they leave the delivery room? Raising a child, especially in the earliest stages, can be challenging. For fathers, it can be even tougher. So why not give yourself as much chance for success as you can, right? That's what BabyCenter, a social networking Web site for parents, is all about.

Founded in 1997 and owned and operated by Johnson & Johnson Co., BabyCenter caters to both mothers and fathers, though the majority of users are women. The site plays an important role in the growing world of niche social networking. Sure, 15 years ago, you could talk to someone in London from Atlanta on the phone without any problems. But if you wanted to send a photo of your new baby girl, it'd take a week, maybe two. But not anymore. With social networking sites such as BabyCenter, you can set up a pregnancy calendar, send photos, post blogs and even share video in no time flat. Isn't technology great?

This article will teach you everything you need to know to get started on BabyCenter. Are you ready? Let's begin by setting up a user account, then we'll navigate and take a comprehensive look throughout the site. You're just a click away.