How CarDomain Works

Using CarDomain

Members of CarDomain can post pictures of their beloved cars onto the site and create a custom profile page.
Members of CarDomain can post pictures of their beloved cars onto the site and create a custom profile page.
Jarmila Kovarikova/Isifa/Getty Images

Like most social networking Web sites, CarDomain requires you to register and create an account in order to keep a profile and share photos. The information you have to give is typical of most social networking sites: first name, last name, your e-mail address, year of birth, gender, your country, state, city and ZIP code and a special member ID and password that you'll use on the site.

Once you're logged in and ready to go, you can start creating a custom ride page and upload photos and even video of your car. To do this, members enter the Member Lobby. CarDomain categorizes its photos by vehicle makes, and there should be a list of these cars in the lobby. If you own a Volkswagen Jetta, for instance, and wanted to add pictures of it to your ride page, you would select that specific make from the list.

Once you've found your vehicle, the site offers up an image manager in the top center of the page. A browser button opens up a new window and allows you to search through your hard drive for images -- it works the same way as album building tools do for Flickr or Facebook. After you find the images you'd like to post, simply press "Upload Image" and the Internet server will transfer your data onto the site.

Still, there's one more step -- members can choose how the uploaded images will appear on their profile page, and it's a necessary step to make sure the right ones show up. This works much like a simplified version of profile pages on MySpace. After uploading, you can click on the "Add Picture" button. The photos you've uploaded will show up as thumbnails with corresponding numbers. Members can then type in the number for the picture they'd like to appear. Entering the words "left," "right" or "center" will tell the site where the pictures will end up on the page. Of course, users can also delete unwanted pictures if they wish.

So, those are the basics of CarDomain, but are there even more benefits to using it?