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It's been said a good news server must excel in three areas: speed, completion rate and retention. Speed is a big deal when it comes to downloading binary content from USENET. Because ISPs are concerned with network throughput, some providers throttle bandwidth for their users and put caps on the amount of traffic that can be downloaded from their NNTP servers.

EasyNews provides another avenue of access that lets its members get around their ISPs' restrictions. In a way, the company is functioning as a sort of ISP itself -- EasyNews is connected directly to the Internet backbone using four providers: Level 3, GBLX, Highwinds Network and Deutsche Telekom. In fact, the company provides a route selector feature to help members choose the fastest USENET connection.

Serious USENET users are also concerned with a provider's binary completion rate. Attachments to USENET posts are binary files and disrupted downloads frustrate users. EasyNews boasts a 98 percent completion rate, which means that 98 percent of the packets reach the end user without a problem. This is especially important, since the broadband revolution has made USENET a popular venue for distributing files -- which was considerably more difficult in the days of dial-up modems. EasyNews's HTTP service provides access to binary groups only, while its NNTP server offers access to other groups, too [source: EasyNews].

Retention is another area serious users consider when choosing a USENET provider. If you recall, retention is the amount of time in which posts and attached files hang around before they're dropped from the USENET server. EasyNews offers more retention time with each paid tier. Account options range from 150 to 200 days. This is comparable to similar premium news servers. There is a difference in the amount of time articles are kept available on EasyNews's NNTP and HTTP servers, however -- because more groups are available on the NNTP server, retention time for these groups is reduced [source: EasyNews].

EasyNews rewards its loyal users with free gigs -- in other words, more bandwidth. For every year of a continued subscription, EasyNews rewards its loyal users with free gigs. The additional gigs break down like this:

  • 12 gigs for Big Gig account subscribers
  • 2 gigs for Plus account subscribers
  • 1 gig for Classic account subscribers

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