How Fantage Works

Benefits of Using Fantage

Fantage works more like a children's version of Second Life rather than an aged-down version of Facebook or MySpace.
Fantage works more like a children's version of Second Life rather than an aged-down version of Facebook or MySpace.
Second Life

Once members have customized their characters and jumped into the Fantage universe, they have tons of different ways to spend their time. Most of Fantage's features don't require members to interact with other Fantagians, though members will often see other Fantagians exploring the different environments and interacting with one another. Typically, each environment will have four or five different places to explore or things to do. For instance, in the Forest area, you can play four different puzzle games. By doing well in those games, players can earn special gems that they can take to the Wizard's Domain, where they can turn the gems into rare items like special clothing or hairstyles. More commonly, clothes, furniture and other items cost money, even in Fantage. Stars are the local currency, and members receive a certain number of stars just for signing up. If members want more (and they definitely will), they'll have to play games to earn them.

Fantage offers more than 20 different games for members to play, so earning stars is hardly a chore. Some of the games are knock-offs of classic children's games (Snack Tack Toe is, you guessed it, tic tac toe with pastries). Other games will have Fantagians riding go-karts, shooting basketballs and catching fish. While some of the games are fast paced, others are slower, puzzle-based games. One game even tests Fantagians' typing skills, having them type words to zap ghosts. Depending on how well they do, players receive different amounts of stars for their performance. Additionally, some of the games allow members to play against one another, and all of them keep track of high scores, giving Fantagians a number of reasons to test their skills.

Playing games is only one way to spend your time in Fantage. If members are feeling social, they can request to be buddies with one another, send their buddies messages and even compete against one another in a fashion show (though they'd better work on their wardrobe first if they want to win). If they'd rather go it alone, members can submit stories or artwork to "The Comet" (Fantage's very own magazine), go on special quests and adventures, or even take their pets to the "Creature Arena," where their animals can bounce around and chow down on snacks straight out of "Alice in Wonderland."

By adding new content every month, the developers at Fantage put a lot of effort into making sure Fantagians stay busy. No matter how much there is to do in Fantage, however, parents won't want their children spending time there unless they know it's safe. Read on to learn what measures Fantage has in place to make sure the site is truly kid-friendly.