How imeem Works

Benefits of Imeem

For a music fan, the benefits of using Imeem are clear: You can listen to as much music as you want for free, make new friends, share photos, videos and even blog. There are also some benefits for musicians, photographers and aspiring filmmakers. Imeem offers the opportunity to create a musician or director profile for promotional purposes. You can post about upcoming shows, new song releases, interviews or any other kind of promotional event your band is involved in. You can also track stats to see how many people are giving your music a try.

Directors can do the same thing on the video side of Imeem by posting film clips and trailers, release dates, behind-scenes-footage and anything else a director thinks can help sell her film project. Directors and producers can also benefit from tracking stats.

One other cool feature for musicians is the potential to actually make some money. Imeem has partnered with SNOCAP, a full-service digital music retailer, to allow bands to make money from streamed music. So if you're a small or mid-level independent artist, you can upload songs to Imeem, register the songs with SNOCAP and get a small percentage of the revenue sharing program in place each time your song is streamed. Basically, you're treated just like the biggest major label bands that have music on the Web site.

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