How Quizilla Works

Benefits of Quizilla

One of the benefits of Quizilla is that it's easy to share your quizzes. The "Share" link - the one that you'll find next to each of the quizzes you make -- simply gives you an HTML link that can be copied and pasted to your Facebook status, a message board or into an e-mail message. However, there's no way to embed a Quizilla quiz directly into a blog.

Quizilla is generally family-friendly -- foul language and other adult content isn't technically permitted. Because of its relationship with Nickelodeon's teen network, The N, Quizilla has a high proportion of users who are teenagers or younger. Popular topics for quizzes posted include the Jonas Brothers or Twilight.

By now you may be wondering, where did Quizilla come from? It was founded in 2002 by Matthew Nielsen, and originally featured a mascot named Penny the Pencil Monster, who has since been retired. In 2006, the site was purchased by MTV Networks, a subsidiary of media conglomerate Viacom. The ownership switch brought about some sweeping changes to the site, some of which are still controversial among long-time users. As of August 2009, the staff blog had not been updated in more than a year.

According to, Quizilla is the 1,680th most popular Web site (as of August 2009), and users spend an average of 10.8 minutes at the site each day [source: Alexa]. That level of "stickiness," along with the site's youthful demographic, is likely very appealing to advertisers, which appear to be Quizilla's only source of revenue.

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