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The forums on Subeta are very active.
The forums on Subeta are very active.
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As a virtual pet site, Subeta appeals more to a younger group of users than a site more targeted to adults. On Subeta, there are loads of activities to choose from and like other online networking communities, Subeta has its own audience. In this case, it offers young teens and adults the opportunity to network with others who share an interest in owning virtual pets. As a result, younger users have the opportunity to meet people from different regions of the world. Of course, safety can be a concern, as it's impossible to tell who is on the other side of a human avatar; however, that can be said for virtually every other Web site, too.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Subeta is the practical knowledge users gain with extensive game playing and virtual interaction with their pets. Subeta users learn to use currency, how to buy and sell merchandise, how to manage inventory and how to deal with a being that's dependent upon their every move. As users achieve more feats on the site, their profile gains credibility. A sort of online community government forms after users become well-established. Virtual online hierarchies are formed and players will often find themselves aligning with or gravitating toward certain influential users.

Subeta may not be for everyone. Some players may find some of the material questionable, or even objectionable. And it's not uncommon to see pets throughout the site that resemble something from the movie "Dawn of the Dead." Subeta is a showcase of self-expression, and sometimes resembles an underground art scene. Users aren't afraid to express their tastes for gore and sexuality. If these things offend you, Subeta is probably not the right social networking venue for you.

That said, there's still plenty of room for casual players strictly interested in socializing with other virtual pet owners. And the Cults offer exclusivity for users who like a more specialized interest and want other like-minded players to network with. Just remember, the Cults are often invitation-only, which can lead to some tension if someone is denied access.

Like all online networking communities, Subeta is a Web site that relies on self governance to keep people in accordance with the rules and site's bylaws. That's where things can get a bit tricky. The site's staff and moderators are responsible for monitoring activity within the various forums and areas of the site. Since many of these moderators are young volunteers, poor judgment can sometimes trump objective thinking. On several occasions, users have criticized Subeta for preferential treatment of other users.

Like every Web community, not everyone on Subeta gets along. Nonetheless, Subeta has a great many fans among all kinds of people on the Internet.

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