How Talk City Works

Benefits of Talk City

Talk City is superior to some other social networking sites in that it allows users to form online communities with a wider variety of people. They're not restricted to posting updates or chatting with people on a specific network or friends list. They can also chat with large groups of people at once, rather than chatting one-on-one.

Using Talk City offers advantages over traditional IRC servers because members can create profile pages. Also, users who have signed up for paid memberships have to input credit card information, making it less likely that they will be abusive or deceitful (since Talk City knows who they are). Talk City can also police its server and prevent people from deploying malicious programs or viruses.

The business model for Talk City involves the use of advertising as well as paid memberships. A paid basic membership opens up several new features not available to free members, and costs $7.77 per year; however, if you want to run your own chat room on Talk City, it costs $49.50 per year. Each chat room is moderated by the room owner and anyone else who has been designated a moderator, or mod. Mods can restrict topics, the use of adult language, the age of people entering the room and they can even create a waiting period during which a user who enters a room for the first time can't talk.

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