How the Gaia Community Works

Benefits of the Gaia Community

Aside from the social networking aspects of the Gaia Community, the site also features several different sections that will help you explore the many different dimensions of spiritual and physical well-being. Some of these benefits cost money. Let's take a look at a few:

  • Spiritual Cinema Circle: This area of the site reviews spiritually focused films. Movies featured here are meant to inspire and empower members to make a difference. Also, for $21 per month, you can have four of these spiritually focused films shipped to you [source: Spiritual Cinema Circle]. It's sort of like Netflix for the soul.
  • Gaia Illumination University: This branch of the Gaia Community offers online classes on topics related to spirituality and wellness. For $4 per week, you gain 13 weeks of access to all courses [source: Illumination University].
  • Gaiam Yoga Club: This area of the site provides instructions and streaming video to enhance your yoga skills. For $5 per week, you can learn 75 yoga poses and download 63 meditation audiocasts [source: Yoga Club].
  • Gaiam Life: This section of the site features blogs, articles and videos that highlight healthy living choices. Topics covered range from weight loss to teaching kids how to be eco-friendly.
  • Earth Cinema Circle: Like the Spiritual Cinema Circle, the Earth Cinema Circle ships you films about environmental awareness for $17.95 every other month. You'll receive four films that are yours to keep [source: Earth Cinema Circle].
  • UltraMind Solution Club: This nine-week program teaches users how to boost their confidence and sharpen their minds. After a three-day trial, users are charged $5 per week to continue the program [source: UltraMind Club].
  • Gaiam: This section of the site allows you to browse stuff like eco-friendly home products and herbal supplements [source: Gaiam].

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