How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook

Trouble Spots, Site Updates and Hints

Make your fan page updates entertaining but not annoying -- with too many updates, you run the risk of being "unliked."
Make your fan page updates entertaining but not annoying -- with too many updates, you run the risk of being "unliked."

The way our news feeds operate now means that you need to keep up a fairly constant stream of interaction with your fans in order to show up in their feeds at all. All it takes is a post or two that your fan "likes," and you'll stay on their radar, but unless they change their default settings, it's possible they won't even see most of your updates.

You need to keep this in mind, as it changes the way your fans interact with the brand -- and don't take it too hard. The policy of hiding certain pages and updates was enacted to keep users from being overrun by companies and spam, because that's how MySpace faded away. Think of it this way: Facebook isn't about sales, it's about entertainment. So just stay entertaining!

So, though it may go without saying, take it easy on the sales, merchandising and other requests for money. Announcing that a new single is dropping is one thing, but begging for money is not what this is about. You've seen corporate pages begging for cash, offering coupons and special orders, with a million clickable links going who-knows-where, and you know how it makes you feel. Don't be that guy.

If anything, your fan page should be a place where you offer fans free content. Downloads, live tracks, high-resolution images or product samples are all free offers that will keep your fan page on your fans' minds, which means more eyeballs for the next phase of your work.

One strategy here that many brands use is the "like gate," which is just what it sounds like: "Like" the fan page, and you'll get free content. They're easy to set up, you probably already have the content ready to go, and fans love it. "Like gates" get to the heart of the reciprocal relationship that Facebook fan pages are designed to use: Just for showing a little love, fans get something new, fun and exclusive.

Next up, learn how to manage your community of fans.