How to Make a Twitter Background

Reasons to Make a Twitter Background

Why customize your background? Each user has his or her own reason, but here are a few common ones:

  • To be creative -- If you're an artist, a musician or just a blogger, you want your Twitter background to reflect your creativity and imagination. And for all users, putting together a cool background can be great fun.
  • To sell your brand -- If you're in business selling a product or service, you want your brand to be everywhere. And that includes your Twitter background. It's another billboard -- why leave it blank?
  • To convey information -- Your regular Twitter bio and sidebar are limited. A background can tell more about you and point your followers to Web sites or other social media.

Whether your Twitter audience is friends and acquaintances or potential clients and customers, your background is part of what separates you from the pack. Use it to your advantage. Creating a Twitter background is one of those tasks that is a lot easier and a lot more fun than you might expect. A dynamite background will also help you attract new followers. So get to work and make your Twitter space sing out.

Read on for more cool info about Twitter backgrounds.


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