How to Post on Facebook via Twitter

Social media Web sites, online gaming and ubiquitous mobile technology: Who's to say we're not already living in a virtual landscape like the one depicted in "Tron: Legacy"?

We do a lot with Facebook. We schedule events, investigate potential boyfriends and girlfriends, and look up old high school classmates to see what they've done with their lives. But more importantly, we stay in touch with friends and family and share photos. Twitter doesn't serve the same role: Though both are social networks, Twitter is about reaching out to an audience and sharing interesting information. It's about expanding your social circle in the interest of self-promotion or brand promotion, or following the developments of industries you're invested in.

Many of us use both, which makes sense -- they fill different roles and let us connect with different people. But this can present a problem: What if we want to send a message out to our followers on Twitter and our friends on Facebook? Posting on each site manually will get old very, very quickly. The solution: Post a single message on both networks simultaneously! Because Twitter messages can only be 140 characters long, pushing short Twitter messages to Facebook makes more sense than doing the opposite.

The simplest solution lies in Twitter's official Facebook app. By logging into your Facebook account, you can install the app, then give it permission to update your Facebook status via Twitter posts [source: InsideFacebook]. With the Twitter app up and running and linked to your Facebook account, your tweets will automatically find their way to Facebook with no extra effort on your part. But maybe that's not what you're looking for. Maybe you want to get your updates on Twitter and Facebook without actually using either website. Or perhaps you want to post messages to even more social networks -- Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and MySpace, too. There are tools out there that put Twitter's basic Web interface to shame -- let's take a look at a few clients to make posting messages on Facebook and Twitter quick and convenient.