Look Ma, No Interfaces!

Jefferson Han gives a presentation of the interface-free screen.
Jefferson Han gives a presentation of the interface-free screen.
(AP Photo/Shiho Fukada )

August 8, 2006 | Post Archive

We've all been both plagued and thrilled by the rapid advancement of computer technology over the years in one way or another. For technophiles – those of us who can't stand to be behind the times when it comes to technology – the computer industry has left not only our computing capabilities behind, but our wallets, too.

Perhaps more annoying than bringing home an already-obsolete machine or technology we're not able to afford is the technology not yet available. Let's be honest, we can be impatient. But regardless of how vexing we find unattainable gadgets and gizmos, the excitement generated by such developments as Jefferson Han's multi-touch "interface-free touch-driven computer screen" (a la "Minority Report"), and what it could mean for the future of computing, overshadows any annoyance.

Han debuted the uber-cool multi-touch interface at TED 2006 (Technology Entertainment Design), an annual 4-day conference held in Monterrey, California. He demonstrated to a roomful of enthusiastic observers the multi-touch interface’s graphic capabilities and intuitive approach where "the interface disappears." With no more than two fingers, Han navigates through computer programs -- a 3-D mapping program (like Google Earth), resizing and organizing digital photos and typing on a virtual keyboard -- on the pressure-sensitive screen.

Click here to watch Han's presentation.

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