How Napster Mobile Works

What is Napster Mobile?

Many cellular service providers offer phones that play music like Motorola's Rokr.
Many cellular service providers offer phones that play music like Motorola's Rokr.
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Napster Mobile allows you to browse, purchase and download songs from Napster using your cell phone. Exactly how it works depends on your mobile service provider. You may download songs to your cell phone, or copies may be sent to your PC.

Before we explore those possibilities, though, let's look quickly at Napster itself and the options for using Napster on cell phones. lets Web users listen legally to its catalog of more than five million songs from major and independent labels for free -- but only up to three times per song. To hear the song after that, you either have to buy it or subscribe to Napster, which allows unlimited, advertising-free access to music and other programming.

Napster offers two options for mobile phone users: Napster to Go and Napster Mobile. Napster to Go lets a Napster subscriber  transfer an unlimited amount of Napster music to a compatible MP3 player or mobile phone. Napster Mobile allows direct music downloads to your phone and single-track purchases -- with a 30-second preview before you buy. Depending on your wireless provider, you also can have copies of the songs you download sent automatically to your PC.

How this works varies, depending on your service provider. With some providers, you can buy and download songs directly to your cell phone while opting to have a free copy of the song sent automatically to your PC. With other providers, you can buy the song with your cell phone and e-mail it to your PC.

Whether you can use Napster to Go or Napster Mobile on your cell phone depends on your wireless provider. For a list of providers and which Napster service they offer, go to Napster.

Ready to give it a try? Keep reading to find out more about how you can use Napster Mobile.